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Monday, June 11, 2007

Jane Doherty: Review 035

Its not often I will choose a website for a psychic but statements like "Jane's stomach reacts to spirits" are going to get my attention!

I'm not going to review her or her site based on one claim of course, to be honest she's around a while and deserves a bit more respect.

Fact is the site is very well put together. It doesn't reply or either the old spooky feel or the usual psychic design of clouds/doves/angels etc. Its put together like a website for a tv show, and why not Jane has had her fair share of media attention.

It offers a bit more than the usual medium/psychic page and thats probably got something to do with the fact she does investigations (free of charge) on a fairly regular bases. It covers a bit on EVP, UFO, seances etc but the site needs some updating, not to mention the abandoned blog.

So where as the belly ghost detector might not sit well with me overall its a good site.


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