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Monday, June 11, 2007 Review 036 pitches itself as a resource for on line accounts of ghostly experiences represented in pictures, EVP, video clips and stories etc.

The community aspect of the site centres around an on line community at, a newsletter and a “contact us” section.

The site lives and dies on its bank of pictures and videos. Many of the links are broken, so trying to review their EVP, Photos etc is fruitless. The site owners apologise for this on the front page, but the lack of content renders the web site useless to anyone trying to explore the paranormal.
It is a pity as the general idea is reasonably good, there is a good breakdown of topics and listing of possibly haunted locations but once again the links don’t work.

The site attempts to promote some level of up-to-date content to entice users to visit the site on a regular basis.

• Featured Photo
• Featured Story
• Featured Site

Are all good ideas but once again the links are broken and the site fails to deliver. There are a number of advertisements on the site and these links still work, I take it that if the promised content was maintained, the commercial aspect of the site would deliver some revenue.

Aesthetically the site appears dated, but the logo is original.

Overall if the owners return to work on the site and finish what they started, this could be good resource and focal point for both posting and reviewing paranormal content, but as it stands it is a poor quality site with a bit of “watch this space” thrown in.


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