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Friday, June 8, 2007

Encounters With The Unexplained: Review 034

Encounters With The Unexplained, as this blog is like that quirky friend you had that everyone like and your parents wanted you to marry. Alot of blogs (this one included) don't get to many comments posted on them but thats not the case with Encounters With The Unexplained. There seems to be a fairly friendly little circle of blogs that pop in on each other and this one is part of that.

Being that its a blog theres nothing groundbreaking you can do with the layout or design so it comes down to content. Encounters With The Unexplained is an easy read with a nice mix of subjects from around the world. How the stories are posted and put across has a cheery feel to it, even if the subject matter is dark.

Pleasent, unoffensive and easy to read.



Aura said...


Thank you for taking the time to review my site and the positive feedback/review you gave. I love how you worded your review...made me smile.

Thanks a bunch PARANORMALIZER!!!!!

Andrea said...

This is a site I frequent quite often. Love your review!