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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

G.P.P.S. : Review 033

The Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society™ kicks ass ..... simple as that.

Ok so for the actual review I will have to write a bit more but the above is a statement of fact. Apart from looking a million times better than most other site this one is so well written. In this case I am not just reviewing the site because the groups approach to the area of the paranormal and investigating is, and I dont say this often, second to none. Even other great groups could learn from these guys.

Sure the website is still under a year old but its got everything in place, content is something you build up over time. They have the team, the passion, the know-how and now they have the website. will be watching these guys for the 2008 Paranormal Awards.


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Paranormalizer said...

Its always great to hear back from reviewed sites and today saw a very nice email pop up on my screen:

Greetings Earl!

We are beyond honored by your attention and glowing review of our website!

As you mentioned in your review, although our team has been around for a bit, our website is quite new and we're diligently working on content for it.

The Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society is dedicated to focusing upon helping residents in need - we are not looking for 'commercial' investigations or the ‘glory’. We're in it to first and foremost find natural causes to put a homeowner at ease and alternately, refer said homeowner to the experts that can help them if their claims are founded. We're also now branching out into participation in the community at large - we're doing presentations for youth groups in their local libraries, and speaking to teens and their parents about all things paranormal in nature.

We thank you again for your praise. It is beyond gratifying not only for myself and our Founders, but also for our dedicated web designer Christine.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or should you desire our assistance in any way.

Gods bless Earl!

~ Nico

The Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society